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D&RGW 6500 Flatcar Projects

HOn3 Fish Belly Flatcars Project

Denver & Rio Grande Western HOn3 Pipe Flat Car

This group of photos showcases my D&RGW 6500 Series Fish Belly type flat car modelling project HOn3 scale. These models are narrow gauge flatcars that I converted from Athearn HO standard gauge flatcars to come up with approximate models of the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge 6500 series flat cars. The models loosely follow the prototype, however, I have changed most of them to follow ideas from my own imagination. The basis for the conversion is the Athearn HO Scale 40' Pulpwood car. Additional parts are from Grandt Line, Tichy, Precision Scale, and Kadee. The decks are made from Evergreen Styrene scribed sheets.

HOn3 D&RGW 6500 Fishbelly Flat Cars Conversion Athearn

(above) This is the wheelset carrier prior to priming and painting.

HOn3 D&RGW 6500 Fishbelly Flat Cars Conversion Athearn

(above) This is the wheelset carrier painted as D&RGW 06559 - a fictional design.

HOn3 D&RGW 6500 Fishbelly Flat Cars Conversion Athearn

(above) Here you can see the Grandt Line/RRobb Wheelsets and wheelset blocks.

flat car

(above) The pipe flat car is on the left while the wheelset carrier is on the right. Both cars are in an unpainted state. The flatcar on the right was from an Southern Pacific standard gauge car. It was repainted as a D&RGW car.

flat car

(above) The pipe carrying flat car prior to priming and painting.

D&RGW 6500 Flatcar Conversion in HOn3

(above) Here is the same car painted as D&RGW 6517.

D&RGW Bulkhead Flatcar HOn3

(above) This is D&RGW 6530, a bulkhead flatcar conversion. If you read Model Railroader Magazine, then you might of saw this model in the February 2002 issue in the "One Reader's Opinion" column.

HOn3 Bulhead Flatcar

(above) The deck on this model is made out of stripwood instead of styrene.

HOn3 Fire Fighting car

(above) Flatcar 6547 was converted into a fire fighting car - straight out of my imagination.

HOn3 Fire Fighting Car

(above) The fire fighting equipment is adapted from a Preiser HO scale plastic kit.

HOn3 Transfer Caboose

(above) This is the wildest conversion of all - my imagineered D&RGW 06550 Transfer Caboose. The crew cab is scratchbuilt and the man and dog are Preiser figures.

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