Japan is a great place to visit in of itself. If you enjoy railroads it can be even more enjoyable. There are all sorts of interesting trains to ride in Japan. There is the world famous Shinkansen known to the layman as the "Bullet Train" that connects Japan's largest cities from end to end. Out in the countryside you can ride small narrow gauge trains that take you into the mountains through charming scenery.

This website features several pages of interesting railroad journeys and a questionnaire page for your comments. The site will focus on the lesser known lines of the Japan Railways (JR). On April 1st, 1987 the former Japan National Railways (JNR) system was privatized. JNR at the time was a bankrupt, inefficient, and government run national railway system. With privatization, JR has improved service and reduced costs.

All Aboard!!!

Kameyama Train


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Japan Railways Locomotives Classification system explained.

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