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Scratchbuilding and Detailing Projects

This page showcases various scratchbuilding and detailing for several of my modelling projects.

Scratchbuilding work I did on an Airfix Fairey Swordfish Torpedo plane (original molding from 20th Century) in 1/72 scale.


(above)Here is the completed Swordfish with the scratchbuilt parts added.

Lewis Gun production in 1/72 scale

Scratch Built Machine Guns Lewis Type RAF application

(above) This photo shows some additional machine guns I scratch built in 2014 for use on some Fairey Battle and Supermarine Walrus aircraft that I am currently working on (as of February 2014). The brass rod attached from below is for facilitating painting and later to mount to the model after it has been clipped to a shorter length.

Lewis gun closeup

(above) Size comparision to a US Quarter coin.

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